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Two Ways to Activate Your Harmonizer

We often get the question, “What the difference is between the two ways you can activate your Harmonizer?” Some people physically place it on top of the Environmental Clearing CD, and others play the CD or MP3 next to the Harmonizer.

Here’s what we’ve found. The field of the Harmonizer on top of the CD is calm and steadily grows to its maximum range. It begins amplification the moment it is placed on top of the CD. By expanding the coherent light field more and more, it gently breaks up and mitigates discordant energy surrounding the Harmonizer.

When you play the Environmental Clearing Frequencies (CD or MP3), the Harmonizer’s range of effectiveness immediately expands with force. Activating the Harmonizer this way transmutes the larger space into a more coherent light field. While at the same time, it helps to push out discordant energies to the perimeter, or may dissolve them all together.

Therefore, we suggest that when you are in an extreme situation, activate your Harmonizer by playing the Frequencies. For example, if you are experiencing intense air pollution, chemtrails, tornado or hurricane warnings, or heated arguments in the neighborhood.

Agricultural Harmonizers Have a New Name

All of our Agricultural Harmonizers will now be called Community Harmonizers. Just like we have already named our Empowerment Cubit Harmonizer, a Community Harmonizer.

Empowerment Cubit Community Harmonizer, Silver Plated

In the early 90’s, Slim Spurling created the first Harmonizers for Environmental Clearing work. Some of his friends who owned farmland, described to him their need for clearing out pests on their crops. To help them with this task, he created a Harmonizer double the size of the Environmental Harmonizer and named it the Agricultural Harmonizer. So the name was more referring to the extended range of effectiveness it was designed for; which happened to be sizable plots of farming land at the time. The positive changes this powerful Tool brings, go beyond farming, that is why we feel that calling it Agricultural does not encompass all the wonderful ways it affects large areas in which it is placed.

At that time, Slim only used the Sacred Cubit measurement, as this was the only one available to him. Later, when we had the Lost Cubit measurement available, we created Agricultural Harmonizers in that measurement. We found it was even more powerful for farming the land and plant growth than the Sacred Cubit one.

You can read my blog where I explain more about the different Harmonizers here.

Rest assured that only the name changes. The design, energy and highest intentions will remain the same in all Community Harmonizers.


  1. Randy Burns

    A question about the harmonizer. You mention to remove the ring to expand the frequency. Why would you restrict theenergy in the 1st place and not having it generate the frequency all day / everyday? Thanks

    • Katharina Spurling-Kaffl

      Hi Randy,

      Great question. The Harmonizer is an “active” Tool and the subtle energies are continually in motion in the large energy field around it. The Harmonizer can be closed down and recharged while in the Ring. The energy is then contained in the new cylindrical column and the ring will send the energy on an upward path.

    • Katharina Spurling-Kaffl

      Hello Randy,

      Thank you for your question!
      We recommend placing the Harmonizer in the Ring if:

      1. You need to reset/clear the Harmonizer. On average once a week overnight
      2. You want to do the remote healing here is the link to learn more https://www.youtube.com/shorts/E0SXwv9QqQ4

  2. Lisa Knoll

    Good morning. I found something this morning that I felt was worth sharing. I purchased a Community Harmonizer 2/23/23 (4 ½ high 3 ½ wide), and it has been activated since the purchase. Since I wasn’t using the tensor ring, I decided to nestle it in-between the bottom bottles on the rack with the bottled water until I needed it to clear the Harmonizer. When I went out to get the ring, I noticed that each of the 6 bottles in the rack were filled with tiny bubbles. I’ve had the rack and the same brand of water for 7 years, and this is the first time I have seen anything like this.
    Also, what have you found to be the best interval between Harmonizer clearings’?
    I’m on the east coast and about 10 miles from the ocean and there are high tension wires running in the area a few miles away, so I have been running the Harmonizer and CD 24/7 to clear as much as possible in this area. Thanks

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