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The Power of Our Word

The power of our word is an impressive tool in our mind that often goes untapped. Our subconscious doesn’t discern between reality and the images we paint with our words. It simply says “yes” to what it receives. It absorbs and manifests our spoken words into our lived experiences.

The Most Powerful Words

Shifting to a place where our words become a force of positive change requires a conscious effort. We must first recognize the capability of language to impact our view of reality.

Phrases like I am, always, and never carry immense influence over our subconscious mind. By choosing to use these words in a positive, life-affirming way, we begin a journey of self-empowerment and transformation.

Always is a beacon of consistency. A constant reminder that our intentions are firm and our goals within reach. Always infuses our subconscious with the belief that success and fulfillment are not fleeting moments, but enduring states of being. For example:

  • I can always be patient with myself and others
  • I can always finish my projects before the deadline
  • I can always use kind words when speaking

Never serves as a shield against doubt and limitation. When paired with positive affirmations, never becomes a declaration of determination. It signifies our refusal to fall to negativity or setbacks. It also reinforces the notion that every obstacle is merely a stepping stone on the path to greatness. Some examples:

  • I never miss my family’s/friend’s birthdays
  • I am never late for appointments
  • I never use unkind words on purpose

I am, perhaps the most potent of all, sums up the essence of self-identity and empowerment. When followed by words of positivity and affirmation, it becomes a mantra of self-love and acceptance.

  • I am capable
  • I am resilient in the face of challenges
  • I am worthy of what I desire

These declarations reshape our self-perception, instilling a sense of confidence and self-belief.

When to Use/Not Use “My”

If we want to express pain or unwanted feelings, our choice of words can impact our mindset and emotional state. Often, we default to possessive terms like “mine,” inadvertently reinforcing our attachment to the discomfort. However, by shifting our language, we can alter our perception. For example, instead of claiming ownership of pain by saying “my knee hurts”, try referring to it as “the pain” in your body part. This subtle change removes the sense of possession, allowing for a healthier separation between self and discomfort. By recognizing pain as a temporary visitor rather than a permanent fixture, we empower ourselves to navigate through it with greater ease and resilience.

The same is true for having debts or anything else that is unwanted. Never say “my debts”, instead “I have debts and take actions to decrease them”.

When it comes to using the word ‘mine’ be sure to use it only when you talk about something you want to keep.


When manifesting, with or without our 1 Lost Cubit heavy Light-Life Tensor Ring, make sure to incorporate the powerful words we have discussed.

Moving towards a reality defined by our words demands consistency and mindfulness. It requires us to cultivate a language of abundance. Replacing doubt with faith and negativity with optimism. With each affirmation, we close the gap between imagination and reality. Creating a life defined by our deepest desires and ambitions.

Hold the Manifestation Ring in front of your Heart Chakra or speak your words into the Ring.


In conclusion, let us embrace the transformative power of our word. Let us recognize the authority words hold over our subconscious mind and use them with intention and purpose. By harnessing the power of I am, always, and never, we unlock the doors to infinite possibilities. We can begin to pave the way toward a future filled with success, fulfillment, and boundless joy.

PS: If you want to learn more about the power of our word, I recommend any book by Louise Hay on affirmations, self-healing, and more. Check out Hay House Publishing.

I also recommend John Assaraf’s Innercise app, which is designed to send positive affirmations to your subconscious mind.


  1. Tom Evans

    Katharina, Thank you for this guidance. I am reminded of Dr. Emoto and his stunning photos of frozen water crystals embodying a crystalline image of the messages each container was labeled with. Any suggesting love were like perfect snowflakes. Ones that were hateful, negative in some way were muddy to look at.
    And, we are mostly water.
    Many thanks.
    Tom Evans

  2. J. Renee Wilson

    Thank you so kindly for your message on the power of words. It will be added to sharing with my 10 year old daughter. I’m so glad for this email. My daughter and I had started strong with the power of words about a year ago. We even had writings on the whiteboard. We have falling off our routine . I will print this out if that’s okay. And start putting this in our daily practice again. Thank you so very much. I see there are two other post/email, i hadn’t read yet. I will definitely check those out. This has been amazing and right on time!

    Oh my, while I’m here. Gees can’t believe I’m commenting to you today. Today I did dowsing for the first time in my yard. Absolutely amazing experience. Although I am tired. It’s seems the nature is pushing me with all love, but I probably wouldn’t be at this point if it wasn’t for the nature pushing me forward. In my quest to get rid of anything rusting out my yard. And it’s been a fun quest the past few days. I felt like it needed to be cleared of these energies before I start the dowsing process in my yard. I feel like at the moment where I live, there is highly enough iron rusting around this old farm house and land. I had planned on camping out on my lawn (2 weeks ago) so I can get first morning sunlight for 40 days and start my next japa meditation. And to be out my house! But right when I was about to get my little tent out. These trillion little bugs showed up. It’s about the same time I sprung into electroculture as well after these little bugs showed up. It’s my first year not using any pesticides. I’m still in shock of the mind. Wow! Darkness is ignorance, but what makes it worse is not being able to actually hear this profound innerstanding of our relations with everything around us. Indeed my mind was far from being my friend. It took some time to get to that deep innerstanding. It was life changing. But I had to go through many crazy rabbit holes. Realizing that we are the nature was the last major major MAJOR aha-moment, like take my breath, stop me in my track, had shock, had what the heck, pacing back and forth crying out “oh my, oh my, oh my, but so happy that I found it. Then it was “oh my gosh how to do I do things now”. Compared to what was taught to me growing up, and all family and friends still practice those. It really took me layers of purging for me to come even come in frequency, to be able to even see this connection. And it’s probably the most important of all information. If we need to build off anything in this world it would be our connection to the nature. Without it life will be pointless, but of course i wouldn’t even known that, because my mind had turned on me, and i wouldn’t know my mind could even do such a thing. Wow the brain is a funny thing. Actually really scary to think about. My mind lead me to think I could never be trick like that. the generational indoctrination that has took place. Me spending time And energy into things that were not important at all, trying to fill that void, seeking crazy validation and projecting, fitting into things that don’t fit, because that’s all i knew. It makes my stomach turn to think of how my brain could be lead to think and react to things. The need to fit in was great before my wake up call happen 3 years ago.

    Consciousness is moving at a different rate here in North Carolina than the west coast. Or that’s probably my mind telling me craziness again. But I’m surrounded by farm land and I’ve noticed that conscious farming is slowly getting here in NC. But these bugs showed up right after the kill off of the the “over crop” I really need to study the terminology for farming. But that’s the best I can describe it. I’m going to get out there in the next few days to finish up. I need thicker copper to put into the ground. But I started marking the ones I did today and for now the smaller copper rods are in its place.

    I absolutely enjoy dowsing. It has been an amazing experience today. I absolutely want to do more of it. Felt like the most natural thing I’ve ever done in my life. My kid also tried Dowsing and she was shocked. She had to walk around the yard like 4 more times, because she was so excited. Not trying to talk over my situation, but there is this strong pull that I need to move. The track record of this old house and the crazy stuff it does is beyond belief. Like I honestly me talking slightly in a Nonchalant way is 100 times step up then how I use to react. I had hope to travel with my kid in the future and possibly do world schooling, so buying a house is just not in my future. With space-a-Passenger and really good planning on my part, our flights would be free (I’m a veteran) so that was the game changer. It’s can be confusing at times. Like all that would make sense to go ahead and do now, but I hadn’t even started to get our passports yet. And credit Academy has a well put together YouTube channel on how to do what I call” take back your straw man account” lol (becoming a private banker) but at the moment these bugs are top Priority. I can’t help wonder but looking at the quantity of these bugs, like where did this many come from? When I was leaf blowing them off the side of my house a couple of hours ago, it was like they were taking the rail to go up to my roof. Hmm like higher ground?

    How to heal the nodes, leylines , that is probably a route that would do wonders for this area. I got to practice, practice, practice before I can even think of doing those one. Lol

    I’ll most definitely need rest before I start anything new. But I’m highly unclear if that makes a difference or not. I’m not sure why I am babbling on like this. I do apologize. I didn’t realize I would be commenting back to a email post. I’ve been living at my location here going on 5 years. And have not dated in 3 years. And it’s our first year of homeschooling. Not complaining or need attention or anything. Im highly grateful for the universe setting this up so I could babble. It was much needed and it has gave me some insights I needed as well. Funny this email post came on the day I did my first yard dowsing. Slim’s is a very good teacher of this. I was able to feel confident before starting. Something that I’m not usually. I didn’t feel like there was a long list of rules keeping my head crazy. Perfecting things before I could even start them was probably the most toxic soup of stress chemicals my body went through trying to fit that bill of what I thought this life stuff was all about. Im so glad that I’ve open my mind to new ways of being and thinking. Im so grateful for finding you guys some months back. I keep Slim’s picture that came with my order out like I do my pictures on my alter of Jesus, Sri Kaleshwar, Shridi Baba, Mother divine. I can say it did not take long for the energy to be active in his picture. Im so amazed at the universe. It truly is magical! I want to say thank you so very much! I don’t ramble on like this very often. But when I do it’s tends to be crazy amounts of rambling. I do apologize. And no need to reply back, or feel obligated to. I’m in a complete bliss state even having this synchronicity today.

    I think I am going to move. Maybe try a monthly rentals with Airbnb in the mountains or find one of those conscious communities. Or move to the UK and do my Forest school training in person. Hmm wow. That’s it! Right there. This writing stuff works. Wow!

    Thank you so very much. And I’ll note here, that at first glance I think I did okay on my words above. But if you guys see how those words could be limiting are hindering me, please feel free comment that. Once I see the connection and what that is connected to and those pathways I can become aware if those similar way of being or thinking might be taking up space in other areas of my life.

    I did not do a full on spell check. So if you hadn’t read material from a North Carolina girl, then this could be very interesting or it could be very painful. Lol I’m a little dry on my jokes hahaha

    I promise you guys, I honestly don’t talk a lot.

    Thank you so very much,

    J. Renee Wilson
    Little town of Broadway, NC
    Jai Ma!
    Love and light

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