Our next Live Workshop is right around the corner. So we wanted to share with you a few testimonials from the participants of our previous workshops. Light-Life Live Workshops can be a truly transformational experience. The feedback we receive from our community makes us so happy and grateful every day.

Amazing Feedback From the Participants

I am so grateful for finding out about Light-Life and the phenomenal results of this technology. It was a privileged to attend one of Katharina’s workshops. In addition, the peace and well-being I felt as the Sacred Cubit rings were on my body defies description! I have been dealing with chronic pain due to multiple health issues from years ago, and this technology gave instant relief.

When I left that day, I felt like my Life-Force had increased significantly. I also witnessed the effect these rings even have on weather. During the workshop, a hail storm had come through. One of the participants took a Tensor ring to the window, and we watched as the hail scattered away from the window. The energetic field redirected the hail. The world certainly needs to know more about this incredible technology,

I can’t say enough about Light-Life and how it left a profound impact on my body, mind and spirit. Out of all the frequency healing technologies I have used, this is in a different Universe! It is definitely a divine gift for many to benefit from in so many ways. I highly recommend this product for those seeking physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. A huge thank you to Slim Spurling for sharing this creation with the planet, and Katharina for continuing his legacy and the production of this science for the highest good of humanity. Blessings!

Brian C

I attended the workshop presented by Katharina to learn about the Light-Life tools developed by Slim Spurling and also to experience them firsthand. The workshop was extremely informative and inspiring. A lot of invaluable information was presented about the history of the tools as well as the many benefits and uses of the tools. As the days progress, my body continues to shift and change!

Mary W.

What to Expect

Light-Life Live Workshop is a wonderful journey towards a healthier, more balanced life. It will provide you with tools and insights to enhance your well-being. Whether you’re looking to manage stress, boost energy, foster a deeper connection with yourself,  or protect your home from the harmful EMF this workshop has something for everyone.

Join the Webinar

We look forward to welcome you soon and of you have any questions about the upcoming March 2024 workshop, please join our Webinar where we will be happy to answer your questions and address your concerns or reach out at cs@ix-el.com.